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'Fathers & Sons'

Pataka Museum of Arts & Cultures -  Porirua - New Zealand - 2000
'Fathers & Sons'

Pataka Museum of Arts & Cultures - Porirua - New Zealand - 2000

Exhibition Catalogue / Exhibited Artists Writings.


Matthew & Michael Browne
Simon & Peter McIntyre
Ngataiharuru & Wi Taepa
Brett & Fred Graham

Michael & Matthew Browne

Michael Browne, writing about Matthew

As a small boy, it was Matthew's avowed intention not to have anything to do with art as a future profession. While at college his work was submitted to Camberwell School of Arts and he was accepted into the foundation course. Design was to be his major subject but certainly not fine art.

Briefly, sculpture displaced design until the pull to paint became too strong.

In the early days, Matthew needed a lot of encouragement. My mother, who was also a painter, did a great deal to instill self-belief in me and I endeavoured to do the same for Matthew. However, I think that he felt that I was just being supportive to my son. In fact, I knew that he had a talent that was worth nurturing.

I find that what he is now doing with his work is tremendously exciting to me. It carries the qualities that the work of a mature painter should have.

I am proud of him.

Matthew Browne, writing about Michael

Michael has always possessed an air of knowing about him. All through my childhood, as far back as I can remember, he tried to instill in me something of this sense of knowing.

As a younger child and particularly during my adolescence, I remember attempting to deflect his good intentions, but somehow in the process being harnessed by their truth.

He has an enviable track record as a painter. Scholarships here and there and paintings that always seem to achieve a quiet impression of time and place.

His eyes, even through the struggle of darker times never really falter. An assuredness that always both impressed and humbled me during my comparatively awkward beginnings.

Now, we are comrades in our profession and as we progress together I always have his unconditional support and encouragement.